This innovative line of devices for disinfection using UV-C radiation for ventilation-air-conditioning installations in single-family houses, small offices and other small cubage buildings in which the airflow does not exceed

2800 m3/h.

High flow
High flow High flow


Compact device for air disinfection of Barrel type, designated for air disinfection with a maximum flow of 2800m3/h. It was designed with a thought of ventilation-air-conditioning installations in small cubage objects.

The Barrel type of device has in-built UV-C lamps with ignition systems and lamp work time counter. The MSD module housing is made of high-quality stainless steel (grade 1.4301).

The applied ignition systems ensure a warm ignition of the lamps with warming up the electrodes. Depending on the size of the flow, there is a possibility of connecting into standard air installation with channel diameters: Ø 315, 400, 500 mm.

The below table presents air speeds depending on the size of applied modules.
Barrel module assembly is realized through connecting the system with the existing round channel.

High flow
Airflow [m3/h] 300 500 700 900 1100 1200 1400 1600 1800 1900 2100 2300 2500 2700 2800
Ø 315 [mm] 1,07 1,78 2,5 3,21 3,92 4,28 5,5 6,29 7,08 7,47 8,26 9,04 9,83 10,62 11,01
Ø 400 [mm] 0,66 1,11 1,55 1,99 2,43 2,65 3,1 3,54 3,98 4,2 4,64 5,09 5,53 5,97 6,19
3, Ø 500 [mm] 0,42 0,71 0,99 1,27 1,56 1,7 1,98 2,26 2,55 2,69 2,97 3,26 3,54 3,82 3,96


Emitters applied in devices from the Klingenburg UVC TECHNOLOGY line include:

Highest-quality components

Lifecycle amounts to: 8000 - 1200 hours

Equipped in electronic ignition systems which ensure warm ignition, thus, prolonging the device lifecycle

Power adjusted to the used application: 60 and 95 W.


Depending on the place of installation, temperature of the disinfected air and type of industry, we apply one of the three following types of emitters for our devices:

UV securer

Emitters wrapped in a teflon film which transmits UV-C radiation. Thanks to the film, in case of damages in the emitter, glass dust is stopped inside the film.

UV standard

Emitters without additional protection, designated for operations in standard conditions.

At Klingenburg we focus on the continuous development, research and elaboration of innovative technologies that may serve for the benefit of society and the environment on a daily basis. Experience gained worldwide, through many years of working in several branches of industry has taught us that even upon applying strict hygiene principles, once the air passes through the ventilation-air-conditioning installation it will always carry a large portion of microbiological impurities. As a result of inhaling contaminated air, the health of indoor premises users is exposed each day!

Bearing in mind and agreeing with the statement of the World Health Organization: “Everyone has the right to breathe clean indoor air”