In accordance with our ideology of permanent development, constant improvement of products and expanding product portfolio, we created the new range of UV-C radiators for you: notice

Klingenburg UVnotice are innovative UV-C radiators equipped with the notice, function which enables to notice a failure or the wear and tear of a UV-C radiator.


Thanks to the use of LED signalling, a user will easily learn if a given radiator is working correctly. The change of colour of the LED diode means that the UV-C radiator is not working.


LED diodes are mounted on each Klingenburg UVnotice type radiator. In the case when radiators will be placed in a confined area of the air conditioning and ventilation system, LED diodes will be placed on the operating and control panel in a place convenient for the user.


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In July2014 we began the fulfilment of another big project pertaining to air disinfection with the use of Klingenburg UV HIGH FLOW intelligent.

This time we have been recommended by the leading company of the general constructing market in Poland as the supplier of air disinfection devices for the upgraded production hall belonging to the leading producer of foodstuffs.

In August 2014 the devices will be produced and supplied to the Customer, then the installation of the power of 567WUVC will be activated which will allow for effective disinfection of the air in the installation of the air flow value of 21000 m3/h.

We want to add that our Customer is a company whose beginnings date back to 1891 and its motto is:

"Quality – the key to success". 



Klingenburg International once again received the Certificate of Business Credibility. The gold distinction was received by the company from Świdnica for the fifth time in succession already.


cwb 2013 int2


The Certificate of Business Credibility was awarded to the Klingenburg International company for the highest assessment of the company's stability in 2013 according to the international credit bureau Bisnode Polska. The assessment of credibility and stability of the company is made based on the analysis of payment morality according to the program of Bisnode International Payment Monitor, the analysis of financial rations of the last available financial statements and the biggest in Poland base of relational corporate and personal connections.


The receipt of the Certificate is a prestigious distinction which can be obtained by companies which fulfil specifically set criteria. At the same time, the Certificate of Business Credibility guaranties that its owner is a credible contracting party with whom it is worth to establish business relations.


The distinction awarded by Bisnode in cooperation with Bisnode D&B Polska is recognized in the whole world and contributes to increasing company's merchantability.



konferencjaWDP 2014April 6th, 2014, Klingenburg International took part in the 13thI Conference of Science and Technology organized by the magazine "Ważenie, Dozowanie, Pakowanie".


The theme of this year's conference was "Automation and industrial packaging systems in 2014." Automated packaging systems, weighing, marking, visional, monitoring, as well as issues related to modern solutions for the optimization of production processes and their application in the industry have been the subject of speeches participants from respected and well-known companies. The meeting place was the "Górski" Hotel in Proszenie, Wolbórz municipality.


Klingenburg International booth, where we presented products of Klingenburg UVC TECHNOLOGY, line, attracted a lot of interest among participants of the conference.


The magazine "Ważenie, Dozowanie, Pakowanie" is published with a view to readers interested in the broad topic of weighing in industrial processes, dosing and packaging.




Platf-BalticBetaIn April 2014, Klingenburg UVC TECHNOLOGY products were installed in the production centre of one of the best Polish companies in terms of economic efficiency, which is located on a rig in the Baltic Sea.


Two Klingenburg UV HIGH FLOW intelligent. modules were installed in the ventilating duct on the platform. Each of them is equipped with 12 lamps emitting ultraviolet UV-C power of 95 Watt each. Two modules are connected to a single control panel, equipped with electronic ignition systems of radiators and counter monitoring radiators worktime. To increase the efficiency of air disinfection in ventilating duct in which devices were installed, UV-C emitters were placed in covers made from the highest quality quartz glass, which reduce the impact of low temperature and external factors on radiators.


Devices are used for disinfection of air flowing through the ventilation passage in an amount of up 23,000 m3/ h. The air can be disinfected in this way seven days a week, 24 hours a day without moving the crew working on a platform. The purpose of installing Klingenburg UV HIGH FLOW intelligent modules is to reduce the incidence of upper respiratory tract infections among the crew members.


Installing the products line of Klingenburg UVC TECHNOLOGY on an offshore rig is probably the first such installation in Poland.



Klingenburg International for the second time was awarded the ranking "Gazele Biznesu" in the 14th edition of the ranking the company from Świdnica were among the fastest growing companies. 


IMG 7745cs


In 2013, Klingenburg International was again noticed and honoured in the national ranking of the fastest-growing small- and medium-sized businesses. The elite club "Gazele Biznesu" may join a small- or medium-sized company, which succeeds thanks to its extremely dynamic development, even against much larger competitors. This year's edition includes the company's results from the years 2010 to 2012.


Each year ranking is prepared by the economic magazine "Puls Biznesu". Ranking is prepared by business information provider, Coface Poland, which is responsible for verification of financial data of reported companies.


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