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This is an innovative series of disinfection devices using UV-C radiation. Well-manufactured and designed, these instruments may be used effectively and safely to perform disinfection of: the air, surfaces, food products, packages, machinery, production lines. With the developed calculation algorithms, Klingenburg ensures precise selection of ultraviolet lamps number and power, ideal to satisfy your needs.


Klingenburg UVC TECHNOLOGY series includes three groups of products:  

01 home
02 high flow
03 industrial

Klingenburg UVC TECHNOLOGY products:

  • are safe for the users – they have a hygienic approval of PZH (Polish Institute of Hygiene);
  • do not pollute the environment;
  • use technology developed in Klingenburg laboratories, which increases the disinfection effectiveness up to 30%;
  • in special conditions allow to eliminate 99.99% microorganisms from air-conditioning and ventilation installations, as well as from the air inside the rooms;
  • may operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;
  • reduce energy costs caused by flow resistance in installations;
  • do not cause microorganisms' resistance;
  • allow to decrease the amount of used chemicals which may be hazardous to human health.


Thanks to the use of UV-C, disinfection:

  • is not hazardous for the users of the rooms;
  • is safe for the environment;
  • is performed without using chemicals and high temperature;
  • may be performed 24 h a day, 7 days a week.


The use of products from the Klingenburg UVC TECHNOLOGY line for the disinfection of air conditioning and ventilation systems is the perfect and safe method in preventing the appearance and fighting microbiological pollutants.


Referring once again to the position of the World Health Organization, which is as follows:

„Every man has the right to breathe clean indoor air1",

we can say:

we provide You such a possibility!




1.) The Right to Healthy Indoor Air, Raport on a WHO Meeting, Bilthoven, Holland, 15-17 may 2000.


he Right to Healthy Indoor Air, Raport on a WHO Meeting, Bilthoven, Holandia, 15-17 maja 2000.


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