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Clean air is necessary for all organisms living on Earth. An adult man, on average, in one minute inhales and exhales about 10 litres of air. Taking into account the fact that in recent years we spend more and more time indoors (home, school, work, cinema, shopping centre, etc.), quality of air supplied to them is one of the main factors that affect our health.

Workplaces such as health centres, shopping centres, printing houses, archives, museums, open space offices and many others should provide the users with high quality of indoor air.

Proper air quality has an influence on products produced in many industries (food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals). Lately higher demands for air quality are required from food producers (meat and brewing industry, production of frozen foods, fruit juices, animals and plants breeding, etc.)

UV-C radiation is the most germicidal variety of ultraviolet radiation. Using the appropriate dose at a certain time per unit volume of air or surface we are able to eliminate 99.99% of undesirable microorganisms from the environment.

It is the oldest and so far, the most common physical method of disinfection in the world, it concerns in particular the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, where as you know the requirements in relation to the microbiological purity of the air are highly rigorous.

Despite its germicidal properties, when UV-C is used with due caution and with high quality equipment, it is a very safe method. Disinfection by UV-C can be carried out seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Unlike chemicals, UV-C does not adversely affect human health and the environment.

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